West Coast Swing Pros demo at The Atrium dance!


7009 265TH ST NW # 105, 
Stanwood, WA 
Contact Info:
 Lindsey Hoyer 360-474-7386 lindsey@theatriumstanwood.com 
Brian Hoyer 360-474-7378 brian@theatriumstanwood.com

Welcome!  We are so happy you found our website!  If you are interested in taking dance lessons or just want to start some social dancing with us please fill out the form at the bottom of this page for more info and our weekly email update.  We also have a calendar that lists other local dances in the area.

We teach West Coast Swing, Hustle, and Nightclub Two Step as well as ballroom and latin dances! Directly below is more detailed info on our weekly Friday dance and monthly Saturday dance.  If you haveany questions please email us at dance@theatriumstanwood.com.
Pictured to the right is us! (Lindsey, Brian, and our two daughters, Journey Noelle (born July 29th 2009) and Capri Jovial (born July 28th 2012). Lindsey has been dancing for over 20 years (since she was 8 years old). Our little family has been teaching in the Stanwood Camano area for the past 5 years and have taught over 400 people of all ages how to dance (from grade school kids up to 86 year olds!).

Dancing builds what sociologists like to call "social capital" in communities. It fosters human connections, wholesome fun, and exercise. Dancing is healthy for your social and physical well-being. We are passionate about building community, inspiring extraordinary health, and restoring our world. Your overall health involves your social, emotional, physical, and community well being. We try to keep that in mind with everything that we do with The Atrium. Dancing can be your first step toward health (pun intended!). Take that step with us!

Friday Nights!!
Intermediate West Coast Swing 6:45 PM
Beginner Series in a new dance each month 7:30 PM
Dance until 10PM

2014 Schedule for beginner series that starts at 7:30, after intermediate West Coast Swing

May-June: Hustle with hot boxing

July: Night Club Two step

August: Country two step

September-October: West Coast Swing

November: Argentine Tango

December: Rumba, Fox Trot, Waltz

Only $20 per month! (excludes 5th Friday themed dance)

Private Lessons are a great way to vastly improve your dancing in a short amount of time.  Many people do so much better with more individualized instruction. Many beginners especially find this helpful when first starting out as it builds confidence.  More advanced dancers find it helpful to fine tune their dancing and push through plateaus in their dancing.

$50 per hour/4 for $180/8 for $320 (up to 2 people per private lesson)
Interested in having others join you during your private lesson? Just add $10/person and you can all arrange to split the cost.
Group private lessons also available for fun, wedding parties, or special events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, etc.
Email lindsey@theatriumstanwood.com to schedule your lesson now!

Find more detailed information about events on our calendar!

The Atrium at Studio Z!

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